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Regular Truck Service

Executive Courier Service is Allied’s urgent delivery courier service. Executive Courier Service is monitored by a customer service supervisor. For city-only deliveries, a bicycle courier service is also offered for urgent document deliveries and for out of city home things delivery, a truck service is offered by us. With our Executive-level Courier Service, the sender is alerted by phone of the drop-off time.

Fast reliable and dependable courier service for all your important deliveries that require a truck for loads up to 1,700 lbs. Have one of Sierra’s professional couriers pick up and deliver your shipment within 4 hours of your phone call or online order, throughout the city. All of our couriers services are coordinated through professionally staffed control rooms in all major capitals. These facilities employ up-to-the-minute communications, processing and messaging technology to track the fleet.

Under this system, jobs are allocated, prioritised and then monitored through to delivery to the customers ultimate satisfaction. Normal Courier Service delivery times vary depending on the courier driver’s load and while a four-hour pick-up – delivery cycle is aimed for wherever possible, this is essentially an economical same-day courier service and is relegated behind the more urgent categories. Deliveries are tracked internally for quality-assurance purposes but do not attract a ‘customer-alert’ service.