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Executive Truck Service

Need something delivered that’s too big for a car, delivered fast? No problem, we’ll send a truck right over for loads up to 1,700 lbs.! Have one of Sierra’s professional couriers pick up and deliver your shipment within 90 minutes of your phone call or online order, throughout the city. Check into courier reputations and backgrounds.

While the courier may be bonded and offer excellent pricing, that does not mean that deliveries are always on time or that the customer service provided is adequate. Ask for references, and conduct your own due diligence by obtaining consumer reports from watchdog agencies. Expect to find some customer complaints, but focus more attention on how often those same types of issues recur and how they are settled to the mutual satisfaction of both parties. Try each of the top 3 courier services on your list with 1 delivery each.

This will allow you to evaluate how each service handles the request, and if their services live up to their reputations. Follow up with the recipients of the packages to make sure they were not damaged and that the deliveries did occur on time. Make your final selection. Work with the courier of choice to establish pickup times and policies, and to finish establishing the account. This includes confirmation of any discounted pricing extended by the courier and signing any contracts that may be required, after carefully reading over the terms and conditions found within those agreements.