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Freight Services

Are you looking for a company which can be trusted to deliver the necessary documents to you from abroad? We will be your reliable partner in this business! Our experts will take your documents in foreign countries and formalize a sending competently. We offer a range of highly flexible and reliable express freight services. At Quick Courier, we know your shipping needs aren’t always as simple as: pick up at point A and deliver to point B. Sometimes your packages and parcels need to take a detour. When this is the case, we offer warehousing services for your temporary storage needs.

Vehicles are often specialized to deliver different types of goods. On land, semi-trailers are outfitted with various trailers such as box trailers, flatbeds, car carriers, tanks and other specialized trailers, while railroad trains include similarly specialized cars. Armored cars, dump trucks and concrete mixers are examples of vehicles specialized for delivery of specific types of goods. On the sea, merchant ships come in various forms, such as cargo ships, oil tankers and fishing boats. Freight aircraft are used to deliver cargo.

Often, passenger vehicles are used for delivery of goods. These include buses, vans, pick-ups, cars (e.g., for mail or pizza delivery), motorcycles and bicycles (e.g., for newspaper delivery). A significant amount of freight is carried in the cargo holds of passenger ships and aircraft. Everyday travelers, known as a casual courier, can also be used to deliver goods. Delivery to remote, primitive or inhospitable areas may be accomplished using small aircraft, snowmobiles, horse-drawn vehicles, dog sleds, pack animals, on foot, or by a variety of other transport methods.