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V.I.P. Truck Service

Fast, efficient and dependable courier service for all your time sensitive deliveries that require a truck for loads up to 1,700 lbs. Have one of Sierra’s professional couriers pick up and deliver your shipment within 2 hours of your phone call or online order , throughout the city. Hang on to your list of courier services.

In the event that your first choice does not work out, there is no need to start the evaluation process over a second time. Simply move on to your second choice, establish the account and stop placing shipments with the former courier. With our VIP Courier Service, the delivery is tracked internally but is flagged at a higher priority level.

Drivers are alerted by the control centre of a ‘Time-Out’ period by which the consignment must be delivered and ‘off the system’. Our VIP Courier Service is also a rush courier service but is not strictly point-to-point. Like Executive Courier Service, VIP Courier Service jobs are monitored by supervisory staff to ensure the driver observes an effective timetable. If requested by the sender, a call-back is made to the sender on delivery.